Thanks Funny or Die for asking me to direct the east coast unit (Chris Rock’s) with my directing partner in life Steve Levine.

It was played at DEREK JETER’s last game.

P.S. Mike Antonucci helped on set but I don’t like him, so no credit for him.


This is a great short radio piece from a personal favorite podcast of mine about end of life planning. For those that don’t know, I work a part-time job in healthcare in order to do MY FUNNY VIDEOS.

This story is worth a listen. End of Life planning is something I read about and write about a lot, it’s so important to talk to parents and family about this stuff as early as possible. Not knowing what they’d want you to have doctors do for them is a really traumatizing experience for children and family. It’s better to know and have it in writing.

This RadioLab podcast is also great on the subject:



NEW VIDEO - “Yarbly Park”

New sketch. Perfect sketch. (ft. a DOG)



for 18 months

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Steven Levine & Andrew Ford’s Directing Reel

Captain Hippo’s own Steve and Andrew, after YEARS of working together, finally edited a reel. Show your friends (who are rich.)

Take a look you dumbs.

Postin again. You know, in case you need someone to paint your house or direct comedy for you.


Anonymous said: I can't believe you still have doubts about writing. Should someone behind you take that as a sign that "doubt is always gonna be there, so just forget about it" or "doubt is always gonna be there, embrace it"?


I can’t speak for other writers, but as for me, I somehow simultaneously believe I am more talented than most other people and also that I am a complete and total fraud who is unqualified to even spray aerosol cans into bowling shoes. And depending on the exact moment when you talk to me, I will either have the confident exuberance of a toddler climbing a bookshelf or the abject self-loathing of a dog pooping in public.

Because the real truth is there are so many people smarter than me and more talented than me and more driven than me and luckier than me. But another real truth is that I am also smarter than a lot of people and more talented than a lot of people and more driven than a lot of people and luckier than a lot of people.

And I believe that just as much as I doubt it’s true.

So yes. Doubt is always going to be there. But you can’t just forget about it (it makes you humble and hungry). And you can’t just embrace it (it makes you weak and boring).

You have to do both. 

And also neither.


This is a funny series by a comedian I had never heard of til today. OK, that’s it. BY.




Short A Month #6: Man Vs Poison
Watch the pilot episode of Man Vs Poison, where host Adam Beachmann scours the globe to see who is stronger: man or poison!

Written by/Starring Amos Vernon, Mike Lane, Nunzio Randazzo
Directed by Kirk Larsen

DP: Jon Chen
AC: Maria Cabra
Sound: Kurt Seery
Graphics: David Bartin

New Short!


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It took David Letterman a week to organize his thoughts about Robin Williams, and good lord is this heartbreaking.